Dr. Hawazen Radwan

Behind Each Smile, A Story to Tell

Dr. Hawazen Radwan
Dr. Hawazen Radwan

I'm an Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist who is passionate about Cosmetic Dentistry and leading digital technologies in the dental industry.

I can walk you through a wonderful and joyful experience, where together we can recreate your amazing smile in a dynamic workflow with safe and guaranteed results, combining art and technology to reflect your own personality and essence. I promise you luxury, professionalism, and joy.

I hold BDS, AEGD, as well as Aesthetic Dental and MME degrees, and have 12+ years of experience. I also specialize in Professional Dental Photography

I'm based in Riyadh, KSA, where I offer the following:

šŸ”· For Patients: Cosmetic Dentistry Services

šŸ”· For Dentists and Clinics: Training your staff on Dental Portrait and Intraoral Photography

šŸ”· For Academia: Upgrading your structure and curriculum content